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azure customer analytics, rating and billing made easy for maximum business results

Connecting, monitoring, managing, analyzing, invoicing and predicting your  customers in the cloud

Machine Learning AI  to Optimize Profits, Save Costs and Forecast Spending

CloudFacta Businesscase

  • Effortless Azure integration
  • Out of the box business intelligence
  • Customer drill down analytics
  • Individual customer rating and billing
  • End user information portal
  • Azure machine learning forecasting
  • Tagging and composite services
  • Do more business with less effort

Get subscription data easy

Making a connection to the your customer usage data is fast, easy and safe. Azure tags are imported and can be enriched

Best practice insights

Usage data can be analyzed in best practice dashboards using data sliders. Multi level tree maps and forecasting are ready for use out of the box

Custom invoicing

Custom charges, discounts and markups can be easily defined and applied for general, subscription and customer based use.

CSP customer portals

CSP customers have there own portal with insight data regarding usage, trends and can create views based on tags for allocation and charge back

Satisfied organizations
Plus Insight Graphs
Plus license cost views
Satisfaction rating


Out of the box Azure or license  analytics means no costs for dashboard development and maintenance. CloudFacta keeps the Azure  BI lights  24/7 on so you can focus on the analytics and actions. Every Azure or license characteristic is monitored and presented in easy to understand graphs. Each graph can be individually controlled by adjusting the time slider and making the graph elements visible or not. Historical trend lines are equipped with machine learning based intelligent forecasting that greatly simplifies sales planning and purchasing of reserved instances.

Azure & License Insight Management

Secure & Flawless Billing

Selling solutions from the Azure cloud is all about controlling costs and creating value. The simple and fast implementation of billing conditions and invoices is a must for the cloud solution provider. CloudFacta has a very elegant way in which this takes place. It starts with generic terms and these are where desired overwritten at lower levels like category or customer. The great advantage of this method is that no orphans are created and not too little is billed.

Frequently asked questions

CloudFacta is a SaaS platform for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers to collect, monitor, manage, analyze and invoice customer Azure usage and licenses fast, safe and easy.

Any Cloud Solution Provider can benefit from CloudFacta after making a safe connection to his data. The only thing we need is your email, organization name and your Partner Center credentials.

CloudFacta specializes in Microsoft Azure and licenses  economics. CloudFacta was build to support business in getting the most out of Azure resources and licenses. In order to realize this CloudFacta has a unique methodology to implement and use pricing conditions. CloudFacta uses the Azure service category levels  in combination with custom conditions to cover pricing at each and every subscription and avoid pricing orphans.   

On top of producing flawless invoicing data CloudFacta  tells you  which customers or services are cash cows, stars or laggards.  Using Azure machine data and analytics  CloudFacta not only creates unique insight using graphs like the Azure tree map but also  predicts trends and  learns what are best Azure service and license marketing and selling strategies. CloudFacta makes it possible for Cloud Service Providers to create a portal for her  customers to monitor, manage and analyze data on the customer level. On top of that the CloudFacta portal  provides a feedback function allowing the CSP customers to indicate how they experience the cloud services, what functionality they lack, what their plans are and what there monthly or quarterly forecast is.

CloudFacta makes it possible for Cloud Service Providers to create a portal for her  customers to monitor, manage and analyze data on the customer level. On top of that the CloudFacta portal  provides a feedback function allowing the CSP customers to indicate how they experience the cloud services, what functionality they lack, what their plans are and what there monthly or quarterly forecast is.

We want to introduce our future customers to CloudFacta in a relaxed way. This means that we don’t strip the service but allow full functionality. During the first two months you can get acquainted with our services at no cost. After two months we ask you if you want to go further at a low rate of 59 euros per month. After 12 months and only when you are really convinced of the added value, we proceed to calculate a percentage based fee over the Azure usage managed volume of 1% and the software license volume of 0.25%.

CloudFact is an independent Azure cloud economics solution provider with decades of IT, Finance and Cloud experience within its ranks. We want to give our customers a competitive advantage in the cloud market by offering the smartest economic tool set that exists. Given the results we hear we are doing a pretty good job but there is no room for complacency. We continue to work on even smarter functions being convinced that cloud-based services will only increase and that you must reap the benefits.

CloudFacta has drawn up a number of honest transparent rules in our general terms & conditions and SaaS Service SLA that explains how we deal with our highly valued relationships. In the area of data protection, Cloudfacta adheres to the GDPR principles. In the interests of the relationship, we therefore work on the basis of a data processing agreement so that the interests of all stakeholders are safeguarded. You must explicitly agree with the CloudFacta conditions, SLA and data processing agreement by actively checking an opt-in box when registering for our services. You will find these documents in the registration process.

Our clients say

"As a sales manager, I can use CloudFacta to see what the Azure or license best practices are within the customer base. I use these best practices as a learning tool for other salesmen. The CloudFacta forecasting feature helps me in meetings with sales, senior management and the purchase department. The unique CloudFacta end-user information portal provides every customer with his own Azure usage and license dashboard for great expectation management. The integrated survey functionality delivers useful customer experience feedback"
Steve Leigh
Sales manager
"At the end of the week, I check which usage trends my customers show. If there is a negative trend, I contact my customers whether this is temporary or structural. I also use CloudFacta as a best practice learning tool to stimulate growth within other accounts. CloudFacta reporting gives me deep customer insight before visiting customers and discussing business solutions and opportunities"
Quintin Angus
"As Azure consultant I have to advice our customers with composing and sizing cloud solutions for best performance. This means I have to know how Azure services behave when working together in a solution stack and how they scale out under peak demand. During my projects I test in advance using synthetic users and various workloads. CloudFacta is my guide in analyzing solution usage and cost spending"
Livy Bluespan
Cloud principal consultant
"Being an Azure cloud purchase specialist I have to know what the customer usage trends are in Azure. I need to know what services are in demand and how this reflects in future spending. CloudFacta machine learning forecasting gives this insight which makes it easy to buy Azure smart with maximum discounts on Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances. The fact that customers can specify there forecast in the survey feedback portal means even more accurate purchasing and thus a better competitive position and more profitability"
Magy Read
Azure purchase specialist
"The fast and error-free invoicing of Azure usage and O365 licenses used to be a time-consuming process every month. Adjustments in prices and conditions made this work even more complex and error-prone. Since we started using CloudFacta invoicing is fast, flawless and easy.The recording and adjustment of conditions is child's play"
Mike Tempest
Finance specialist
"Using Azure cloud resources in your customer solutions means flexibility and ends the CAPEX game. This is great as long as you can invoice just in time, fast, easy and flawless. CloudFacta does exactly that and more because it avoids usage discussions with customers as they have their own usage dashboard. CloudFacta safes time and money because it gives me deep insight so I can have factbased discussions with my team and Microsoft.
Tim Spencer
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