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Why Mircrosoft Azure is the best bet

The cloud enabled world is here to stay. Microsoft is having the best papers to win this battle because they can extend their private cloud services like Office, Dynamics, Windows Server straight away into the public cloud and use the best bridge to anchor the process being Azure Active Directory. Azure AD makes sure that all your investments made in private cloud  AD can be used in Azure cloud. This fact is a tremendous game changer now many organizations are moving to the cloud. They do’n’t want the hassle of starting all over again which is the case when moving to Amazon or Google Cloud. Amazon has by far the largest share but has been the favor of choice for SaaS parties.

 Point SaaS solutions from the cloud don’t have the heritage of user rights and asset management. They start from a blank sheet. This is the reason that Amazon and are doing so well together. But even the point SaaS solutions are under fire when it comes to user and data management. What CTO’s want is using the existing AD for SaaS solutions like So when Azure, Azure AD and SalesForce are forced together because of ease of management and security history will repeat itself. Remember WordPerfect and Novell, Lotus all live and kicking until Windows came along. So Mirosoft has the best papers because they have the  history, products and strategy to create the best customer experience.

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