Our background

The CloudFacta team has many years of experience in IT , the cloud and specifically the Azure cloud. We combine this with business, finance,  IT governance, analytics and reporting expertise. Together we represent over 200 years of experience in these domains.  We think this rare combination of expertise and experience is necessary to master cloud finance and become successful as a valued partner for cloud solution providers

Our vision

We believe that within 10 years all compute activities that can migrate to the cloud will be migrated to the cloud. In general this means that IT capital expenditure will transform to XaaS operational expenditure. The inevitable consequence for direct and indirect cloud solution providers will be the mastering of smart  skills and tools to repackage XaaS public resources into unique cloud solutions. Those cloud solution providers who excel in these skills will be the winners of tomorrow cloud.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a cloud solution  that let you smart repackage, monitor, control, manage, analyze and invoice cloud services in Azure. We want you to be able to flawless invoice customers based on real usage and custom discounts. We think that spending insight should not only be available to you as a CSP but also to your customers in order to control costs.

Our strategy

Our strategy is delivering an unique cloud finance support solution able to monitor, manage, analyze, control and invoice Azure services based on our CloudFacta SaaS platform as a result of which cloud and customer excellence is created. In our CloudFacta solution we have integrated cloud customer experience management to measure cloud customer satisfaction, loyalty and NPS.  

Our goal

Making our customers the most appreciated Azure cloud solution providers with the best cloud customer experience and highest customer satisfaction, loyalty and NPS. 

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