The CloudFacta solution explained

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Collecting and enriching Azure data

Collecting data from Azure is safe and easy. What you need is your Partner Center credentials like your Application ID, Commerce ID and Application Secret key.  During the initial Azure download the client profiles can be supplemented in parallel with items such as discounts, tags and portal access rights. One of the great features of CloudFacta is the composition of multiple subscriptions to a new cloud service. Think of a cloud workspace service that is composed of O365, Dynamics, Intune and a notebook. On the invoice only the composite article is mentioned which is recognizable to the customer.

Roles and tasks

The way in which CloudFacta assigns roles and tasks is very useful and ensures that everyone does the right things in a safe environment. It means for example that not everybody has insight in invoices, can change discount rules and allow portal entrance to individual CSP customers

Billing conditions

CloudFacta has a unique function to determine the commercial conditions for each individual customer. As a result each customer can be invoiced with individual conditions. The CloudFacta methodology allows the cloud solution provider to define the conditions first generically, then at the subscription level and then at the customer level. As a result, all subscriptions are basically covered and no margin is lost.

Realtime dashboard

The CloudFacta homepage gives  instant insight into your current results. You get a total overview of the actual number of customers and subscriptions. You see revenue and % growth of Azure and  licenses month over month, calculated from the current date.     A realization percentage of the current calendar month versus the previous calendar month gives budget insight.  A top 5 overview of the largest customers and subscriptions for Azure and license sales revenue keeps you on track.  A trend analysis chart shows  Azure and license revenue  over the past 6 months including a forecast.  So without having touched a button, you are 100% in control.

Usage analytics

If, after seeing the real-time dashboard, you want to zoom in on specific customers, Azure resources or licenses this can be done with ease.  You can do the analysis from a revenue or unit volume point of view.  A volume unit  angle is useful for technical analyzes on resource consumption. Abnormalities  become  visible immediately. As a result, possible waste, abuse or cyber intrusion  can be tackled and prevented in the future. You can use an easy time slider in your analyzes and view results on a weekly or monthly basis.  Working with superb visualization techniques  like tree maps and  AI forecasting  guarantee that you are 24/7  in control and  master growth.

Cloud invoicing

Invoice questions regarding the correctness of purchased cloud services and how they are distributed among  customers must be answered on an ongoing basis. The invoicing of these cloud services with client-specific margins and discounts  must take place quickly and without errors. CloudFacta takes care of these issues and can generate e-invoices per customer.  It is also possible to invoice from your own billing system by using a  CloudFacta generated export or xml file.

Customer Azure portal

CloudFacta enables Cloud Solution Providers to accommodate their customers with a cloud intelligence portal  for monitoring and managing their cloud usage and  licenses. Unused, abused and hacked resources can quickly be retrieved not only because of cost reduction but also because of the risk of being non-compliant with GDPR. The cloud intelligence portal  also provide customers with trend analyzes and consumption forecasts that simplify planning. The portal also accommodates cloud experience feedback which delivers  priceless customer insight on questions like missing cloud solutions, cloud services, willingness  to promote CSP and buying intentions.

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